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About Me

My name is Stelios Tounas and I was born in Athens. I got involved in painting at a relatively young age as a self-taught person and did my first graffiti in 1998 at the age of 14. From then till nowadays I sign my work with the same tag «Sart one» which is now my logo.

Contact Details

Phone: +30 6973632196
Email: sartaerographics@gmail.com

Lerou 5
Keratsini 18758 – Athens, Greece

Let’s Work Together


I started to implement with a lot of love and passion on special surfaces, doing the necessary R&D on the paint itself and its durability on these surfaces.

About My Work

I really liked this painting tool as I was constantly discovering its great potential and its flexibility, opening new painting perspectives for me. So soon I bought a second airbrush! I painted children’s rooms, did airbrushing on canvas, shop signs and even my motorcycle.

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